Download and install Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview ›

Yes.. folks.. now u can use the power of Action Script 3.0 with Flash 8. The only thing you need is a licenced copy of Flash Professional 8. and you are all set to explore it.. check this out ..


People behind Flex..

Meet the people behind Flex.. happy to see Abdul and Manish's pic among them.. gr88 work guys ..!!



Cairngorm & Flex Unit

here is the link for two open source flex framework


Cairngorm:: A best-practice technical architecture upon which Rich Internet Applications can be built

Flex Unit:::A framework for unit-testing with which test-driven development, unit-testing and continuous integration of Rich Internet Applications can be performed.


Flash to Flex .. Mumbai to Hyderabad

I wanted to be very regular with my blog but due to my ever ending inertia it could not happen.I have switched from flash to flex.I have joined kanbay Inc. Hyderabad as a Flex consultant on 7th july, 2006.My induction is going on.Very soon I will be on project.Lets see how far I can excel in this new technology.