Hyderabad to Pune

Another excuse for not blogging for a long time! Yes,it was another transfer in my career and the journey continues. I have got transferred to our Pune location. I hope this time I am going to enjoy the city and work both. An exciting flex project is waiting for me. This time I am going to use flex charting like never before.

Comparing to Hyderabad, Pune is much vibrant city but I have found infrastructure of Hyderabad is much better than Pune.

I am missing my everyday journey from my apartment (Kondapur) to Gachibowli,Kanbay Kampus and old work place and co-workers too!

After coming to Pune I met Abdul in person. I used to know him virtually.But this time met him in person.He is intelligent and hearty.I liked his idea of Indian flash/flex community.If you want to know more about his initiative you can read it here

I am looking forward to Meet another great guy Brajeshwar ,he is also in Pune working for Nanocast!