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B'day Greetings!

Today Is My B'day and I would like to share the most beautiful B'day card I have received from the far distance. :)


Bonolata Sen and Senjuti

Bonolata Sen (1942)

Hajaar bocchor dhorey aami pawth haatitechhi prithibeer pawthey Singhal samudro thekey nisheether awndhokarey maloy sagorey Awnek ghurechhi aami; Bimbissar Ashoker dhusar jogotey Sekhaney chhilam aami; aaro door awndhokarey Bidharbho nagarey; Aami klanto pran ek, chari dikey jiboner samudro sawfen Aamarey du dawndo shanti diyechhilo Natorer Banalata Sen.

Chool taar kawbejkaar awndhokaar Bideeshar nishaa, Mukh taar Srabostir karukarjo; oti door samudrer por Haal bhengey je nabik hariyechhe dishaa Sabuj ghaaser desh jakhon se chhokhey dekhey daruchini-dwiper bhitor, Temoni dekhechhi taarey awndhokarey; bolechhey se, 'eto din kothay chhilen?"

Pakhir neerrer moto chokh tuley Natorer Banalata Sen …

Here is the English Translation of the same:

Her hair was the darkness of Vidisha’s night from a past of forgotten time, her face was the handicraft of Sravasti. When drifting on some far sea aboard a ship with a broken rudder a sailor suddenly sees a region of green grass on some cardamom island like that I saw her in the dark. And raising eyes that were like a bird's nest, Banalata Sen of Nator said, 'where were you All this while?'

She is the sweet and mysterious girl "Senjuti" . I met her in one of the cyber community and we become good friends. I bet the more and more you will know her you will be moved by her inner beauty . Oh!I have just missed the important info here , she is the artist of that awsome p
ortrait and she has named it "Bonolata Sen".

Bhalo theko Bondhu aamar !!


A Beautiful Workstation!

A Beautiful Workstation at Kanbay. She seats next to me. Just wanted to share this with you guys. I think every month she buys something for her work station ..:)

Showcase of some of my early flash works:2

The object of online Solitaire is to use all the cards in the deck to build up the four suit stacks ascending order, beginning with the aces. A player can play 'Draw one' and 'Draw three' both. The backside of the card features 52 black engineers of the year 2 which are populated from a XML file generated from PHP/mySQL admin panel

A farewell cake!!

My TIS buddies, I miss u all...Thanks a lot for the sweet farewell cake!!

Karuna, Valley,Lyn,Anil, Ali,Prajakta,Jignesh,Sumit.. I love you all.

Showcase of some of my early flash works:1

Dynamic Portfolio of photographer and illustrator Brandy Ritchey. This application
enables the administrator to upload images through an admin panel developed in PHP/mySQL . An intuitive and dynamic flash front-end to display the updated data using XML as a data source.

Bangla Unicode...

জল পড়ে পাতা নড়ে..