Getting on the Flex Highway:Flex APAC Seminars

Some brilliant guys from adobe India, Prayank,Raghu ,Harish are doing a great job in evangelizing flex in India.If you missed it,check out the Flex APAC Seminars at code.google.

I liked the last presentation “Getting on the Flex Highway – How to get up to speed with Flex” by Raghu

If you are a flex newbie or like to start coding in flex then this presentation will definitely give you a good start.


My New Bangla blog!!


Blogger in Draft: video upload in blogger

Blogger in Draft: Introducing Blogger in draft and video upload

We stopped writting long back.Now are we going to stop typing too? :)

What is mx_internal?

I have seen this namespace so many times but could not understand or I should say never tried to understand it.Today I have found this small piece of information from Deniles's blog.Just marked it here for my future reference.

"Sometimes you want to change the behavior of a Flex component but its hidden behind a private method or variable so you can't subclass it. Thankfully they provide the source so you can just create your own version. This is heavy handed and in some cases you just need to tweak things a little. Many components within the Flex framework have methods and properties flagged as mx_internal"


Orkut Scrap book Reader

As promised here is the link for downloading Flex Orkut Scrapbook Reader desktop version .99

URL:Click Here

I will have a online version of it soon on my blog.Keep checking.. :)


Orkut: Popular Social Networking site is in trouble in India once again

The popular networking site orkut is again on the eye of media.This time Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena (BVS), the Shiv Sena's student wing ordered cyber cafes in Mumbai to block the site alleging it contained 'matter defamatory to Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sena chief Bal Thackeray' according to MUMBAI MIRROR ,a Mumbai based popular newspaper.

Orkut is the mySpace of young indian citizens.Young generation of india is getting addicted to Orkut.I remember Abdul,the flash guru of India, deleted his orkut profile twice.You can read his share of reason here.I had to delete my first profile for more or less same reason but I could not resist my temptation to keep in touch with my long lost buddies and created my profile once again. The time of my parents and mine are totally different.My father and grandfather had not much of mobility. They have spent most of their time in the same country/state/city. We have much more mobility than them. My friends are scattered all over the globe .Our life style has changed dramatically.We live in isolated flats unlike them. So the social networking is the manifestation of our inner desire to keep in touch and socializing.It solves a very basic requirment of todays generation.

Technology has got both its pros and cons.Social networking has got its both sides too. But I don’t think banning of such site shall solve the problem.Whenever technology brings something new to us,it will keep creating its impact in our society. We, the building block of this society are responsible for how to use the technology.

Flex Orkut ScrapBook Reader !!

I have just developed a small flex app called Orkut scrapbook Reader.Orkut user will be able to read their scrapbook without even login into orkut account.I will upload this app soon.


Googlegear:Journey of a new Era

Last few days my techie friends are talking about googlegear.Today I have installed and tried to play with the nuts and bolts of it. This smart kid of google allows user to view and work on web app offline and is in its early beta only!!

I have just followed the following simple steps to create my first googlegear app.

1. Installed googlegear
2. Followed these few step by step guidance

And I was able to create my first googlegear web app, which is smart enough to work offline.

Googlegear architecture

Like all other breakthrough products of google, this product has also got tremendous amount of potentiality.

Currently googlegear is working with other technology partner adobe to align the Apollo SQL API with the Google Gear SQL API..

Flex-Java geek Christophe Coenraets has created a nice Flex-based SQLAdmin for Google Gears.

You can see the application here.