New version Cairngorm 2.2.1:support for Flex 2.0.1 with Hotfix 2 and LiveCycle Data Services 2.5.x.

There is a minor change from Cairngorm 2.2 to Cairngorm 2.2.1.

They have changed ServiceLocator to reflect moving of classes to LiveCycle Data Services (fds.swc). The main aim is to align Cairngorm with the moving of SWC libraries in Flex 2.0.1 with Hotfix 2 and LiveCycle Data Services 2.5.x.

Cairngorm was developed to work on request/response communication mode. To work on Data Oriented Architecture is still a challenging task.It seems that Adobe Consulting is working on this area.We can expect some significant changes in next Cairngorm release.I am looking forward to the next big release of Cairngorm with all these changes.


Pune Flex User Meet:7th Oct, 2007

Who will talk on what?

Debabrata Acharjee
1. Flash CS3 and Flex integration
2. Flex memory profiling

Anupam Shah
1. Flex and .NET Integration
2. Benchmarking applications: DOT NET web service, JSON web service, and Flex Remoting using FLUORINE. It is an open source .NET Flash Remoting Gateway

Sunday 7th Oct, 2007 11 AM

Perennial Systems campus.
32 Market Yard,
On the way to Last Bus Stop,
On the way to Ganga Dham,
Pune - 411037
Phone : 24271114

Here is the map

We would love to see you in the meet and also love to hear from you :)


Adobe Roadmap: CoCoMo + Pacifica + Thermo

Web 2.0 to work 2.0 - Adobe is going to cater for everyone. Apart from acquiring Virtual Ubiquity, they are working on number of applications, platforms which will help to retain adobe’s supremacy over the RIA market.Max 2007 was one of the most successful events of adobe in terms of visibility and marketing the future product. I could not attend MAX. Out of the hype on the blogosphere I had to notice the following interesting technologies:

CoCoMo :

Adobe® Connect™ enables peoples to share screens and have meetings. Users pay on hosted subscription basis without buying this product.It seems that adobe is going more towards this revenue model. Adobe is opening that up now as a platform for developers which will be known as CoCoMo .It will allow the developers to create applications that Adobe will be hosting. Web video, is one of the key focus of adobe. Few days back they have announced support for H.264 high-definition video in Flash.


Pacifica is another interesting real-time collaboration technology which is going to add voice communications to adobe platform. Pacifica is the name of Adobe's voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP),developers will be able to establish point-to-point, player-to-player connection using Pacifica.


Adobe is always popular among the designers. Thermo is the visual tool that will enable more designers to create rich Internet applications. Now designers will be able to enjoy ultimate freedom while designing the rich user experience. The prime focus behind this tool will be on encashing from the existing designer base. This is why Thermo is a one of the strategic project for Adobe. It will enable designers to more efficiently build the richer experiences and shall also give developers greater control over creative assets without leaving the development model. It aimed at improving the work flow that happens when developers and designers create applications.

As a Flex Developer,I am happy that I will have lots of new tools and technologies to work with :)

Flex + Ribbit

I have blogged about Ribbit few days back. Now
they have opened their site for the developers. Go and make your next generation VOIP application using flex + ribbit.

Here is the mail I have received from them:

Dear soon-to-be Ribbit Platform Developer,

Within the last 6 weeks, you filled out a request to download the Ribbit component and join our developer community.

We are happy to let you know that as of this week, the component has gone public beta and the developer platform is now open to all developers to join.

Join Now & Download the Component:

To join, go to: http://developer.ribbitphone.com/signUp.php

You will be approved and able to code within 24 hours.
You will receive a login username and password, as well as a dedicated purpose number to develop with.

You will receive 3 simple code samples to get you up and running, building your first voice enabled Flex and AIR apps.

You will be given access to our powerful and informative developer forums.

Happy coding and we can't wait for you to join our growing and valuable developer community!

Charles Freedman


Adobe Max 2007 on YouTube: Opening Keynote and Flash Player 10 (Astro) Sneak Peek

Adobe Max Opening Keynote

Flash Player 10 (Astro) Sneak Peek at MAX Chicago 2007 Keynote

Want to see more ? check out max2007 blog

MAX2007: Trio:Flex_India !

John Koch (Asia Developer Relations manager), Prayank (Evangelist Asia Pacific) and Mrinal Wadhwa (SAP India) at MAX2007 :)