Ribbit:Flex Based VoIP Component

When Ryan Stewart says,“I just saw one of the greatest demos I’ve ever seen built on the Flash platform".

It made me think what it is?

Reyn, is talking about about Flash based VOIP component from a company called Ribbit.

The nice part of this component is, it runs solely on the Flash Player and requires NO download of any kind of browser plug-in and it supports full telephone capabilities.

So what’s their in that great component which is called to be a threat to Skype:

Here goes the list of features:

1. You will be able to dial any phone number and answer calls to your phone from your browser.
2. You can keep the caller ID of the person whom you’re dialing.
3. Anyone will be able to call your number and it will ring both on your phone as well as inside the browser application.
4. You can take the call from app and use a microphone to talk.
5. You will be able to track your messages and you can see a list of them and play them back.
6. You can receive the text version of the message of your sound file. That means an auto ‘transcription’

You can have a look to their roadmap here

You can sign for their prerelease program which is scheduled to be in next Month.

Happy flexing!

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