PieTimer: A timer component using Piechart

One of my colleague, asked me to develop something like a timer using Piechart. It took only 15 minutes to develop in flex. I will provide the source code of it soon. Keep checking this place.


aviroop said...


Raghu said...

good job... but your pie seems to expand and contract with time... :)

Rahul Mainkar said...

Hi Deb,
Nice blog and nice component.I just now found out that you have a list of Indian bloggers. It would be my pleasure if you can add my name in that list as I too have a blog and write on flex often. Also this will help my blog to get more readers... my blog is http://rahulmainkar.blogspot.com

Debabrata said...

@Raghu: thanks dude!I have also noticed this.It was made in hurry.I will fix that.
@Rahul: Thanks for the link and your nice works buddy!I will put your link rigth away!


Rahul Mainkar said...

therock1Hey Deb,
Thanks for your encouraging words and putting my blog link ...but there one lil mistake.. My last name got listed as Mahurkar..instead it needs to be Mainkar..
Thanks once again

Lets Rock!!

Debabrata said...

Sorry for the typo Rahul! its fixed now!