Market Speculation:Google takeover of Adobe

Macromedia>Adobe>Google ?

Flash video is the most popular thing over the internet. Youtube has not only created its own fortune out of it but also helped flash community to grow with the noticeable increase in the flash player 9 penetrations. By the time I am typing this post the penetration is as high as:


And this success story has created lots of forecast like these:

Google: Buy Adobe for Video!

A Google (GOOG) Takeover Of Adobe (ADBE)?

May be these are just speculations but who knows the future. Anything can happen in today’s market scenario.

Tomorrow may be adobe flash player will be known as Google Flash Player :)

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rohan said...

the bigger speculation i had last heard about was from Microsoft taking over Adobe. All the same these are all high stake players, and speculation more or less prompts more fire.