New look and feel of Flex.org

Just noticed Adobe has restructured flex.org. Things are looking much simple and user friendly now. The new look and feel consists of the following links.

• Blog
• Community
• Documentation
• Download
• Jobs
• Showcase
• Support

All the information you require to plunge into flex development is handy now. With this new look and feel adobe has also tried to cater information to the bigger developer community by adding the following links:

Flex for ColdFusion developers
Flex for Java developers.
Flex for .NET developers.
Flex for PHP developers.
Flex for Ruby developers.

After enjoying Macromedia’s developer’s friendly policy, like other fellow Actionscript developers, I was also skeptical about Adobe’s policy towards community building activities. But it seems adobe has learnt from the former Macromedia. Things are looking positive.


Cairngorm 2.2 Released

Adobe has finally released Cairngorm Microarchitecture 2.2.If you don't have it yet. grab your copy from here

It has been more than a year,I am developing my Apps on top of Cairngorm Microarchitecture.As most of my projects are enterprise level projects,CG always saves much of my development time.

There are some signigicant changes in this release.

Changes between Cairngorm 2.1 and Cairngorm 2.2:
1.Removed dependency on Flex Data Services (fds.swc)
2.Flex SDK SWCs are no longer linked into Cairngorm.swc
3.Added support for setting remote credentials
4.Fixed bug with Web services not loading the WSDL
5.ModelLocator interface deprecated in favor of IModelLocator
6.Added deprecation metadata for compiler support
7.Added dispatch() helper method to CairngormEvent
8.Commands now added to Controller with weak references
9.Added removeCommand to FrontController
10.Made commands protected in FrontController

Three months without Internet connection!

I have spent more than three months without an internet connection at home (without TV too). It's long three months. I never imagined that I would be able to live my life without internet.

"To say, 'Try to give up the internet and if you can't do it you're addicted' would be like saying, 'Try to give up speaking' – It was the saying of one of the netizen.

In this 21st century, we all are like a solitary island. Like those solitary island all My friends are scattered across the globe. I remember my school and college days, my fellow friends, when we all were so well connected with each other. We used to stay in the same small town. But now things are different. We are apart now. Our destiny has taken us to places. Internet has given us the opportunity to stay connected. But is this the same way we used to share and enjoy our company? No, not at all. Sitting in front of a pc and chatting with my friends are not all the same like before. This virtual meeting can not give me the same satisfaction as I used to get in person with friends.

After using internet for 7 years, I have found myself a different person. I have metamorphosed to a different persona. There were times when all my six senses used to fill up with the real experiences of a situation. How can I compare those real lives with this virtual cyber world!

Yes, Internet has given us so many things. It has become the part and parcel of our life The other day one of my fellow Software Engineer was telling that ‘Google ’ should be the another resource name in our project plan. I can see the dangerous part of this dependence.

Enough of the background! Let me put in some simple words what I was up to these days.

I have had the privilege to watch many good movies, heard good music; turning the pages of my favorite books once again. I have given myself a royal treat. It was a celebration. A celebration of my self. I have once again discovered that old small town guy in me. It was just awsome!

If you are a netizen and can’t think your life without internet then try to give your self this treat once in a while. You would simply love it! You would give a big relief to your eyes too. You will feel fresh and energetic. Get yourself busy with the thing you love to do or used to love to do and re-discover yourself once again.

শুধু বন্ধু হতে কি পারবে তুমি আমার?

আমি চাই না তোমাকে ঝাঁকাতে কিংবা বাঁকাতে
কাঁচাতে কিংবা পাকাতে কিংবা ঠকাতে,
চাই না তোমায় ভীষণ কিছু শেখাতে
চাই না তোমাকে বাড়াতে কিংবা কমাতে,
তোমার হৃদয় গলাতে কিংবা জমাতে
হবে না তোমাকে কোনমতেই আমার মত হতে,
একটা বন্ধু হবে কি বল তুমি আমার?
শুধু বন্ধু হতে কি পারবে তুমি আমার?