initRIA:registrations are open

Bangalore Flex User Group has launched the initRIA website last night. It’s now up and running and open for registrations.

According to Mrinal, Manager, Bangalore Flex User Group: initRIA it is the first of its kind Rich Internet Applications developer conference in India. We, the members of the Bangalore Flex User Group are organizing this conference with the hope of providing a platform for RIA enthusiasts around the country to interact and learn. The lists of talks is not finalized yet, we will be accepting topic proposals till the 11th of December, so if you have a topic in mind that you would like to talk about, become a speaker at initRIA by sending your topic proposals to organizers@initria.org. You can get more info about this at our FAQs page . The goal is to attract speakers and audience who are interested in different kinds of RIA technologies although till now all the topic proposals that we have received are about the Flash Platform, probably because I personally do not know many experts on other RIA technologies... so if you know any RIA gurus do try and convince them to share their knowledge at initRIA. If you need any kind of help with this, do write to us at organizers@initria.org.

I will be there at initRIA and wish to speak on the event .I have not finalized my note for the meet yet.I would be a great experience to meet all the flex enthusiast there.