Flex Online Compiler

Want to compile your MXML and ActionScript code online? There is a online compiler available which will give you an experience of Flex 2.0 . Simply type the code and press on the try button and rest of the thing will be taken care by the application.

Try it here:http://try.flex.org/index.cfm


Google Code Search !

Now onwards you will be able to use Google Code Search which will allow you to search actionscript and mxml file by file name,you just need to put file:.mxml$ keywords to find out the mxml files. You can also search AS3 files in the same way.

Here's an example of a MXML

Here is the link


Adobe is providing $100 Million dollar venture fund

Adobe is providing $100 Million dollar venture fund. Ted Patrick in his blog talked about what should you do to get the fund for your venture. Here is the link of Ted's blog.



Today while browsing Brajeshwar/Abdul's blog, I came to know about the Alpha release of Nanocast and right after that moment I have started playing with it. My initial reaction is “its just awesome work”- all the wishlist are under a single umbrella .Nanocast has taken care of all the weaknessess of other web 2.0 sites.

Its really unbelievable work within a short span of 4 months.

Hats off to you guys!! Have a look to this Nanocast.. It took only five Minutes to create this.:)

Open source media streaming for Flash client using rtmp protocol:Red5

You are a Flash/Flex Developer and your client has come up with a requirement of Audio/video/data streaming and you replied that yes, I know how to do that. Probably you have suggested Flash Media Server as a solution for the same. But your client declined it because of the high licensing price of it. How frustrating!

Don’t worry. Some great guys are doing a really cool thing to help you.

Yes, I am talking about the red5 project of osflash. Let me quote from Chris Allen's -Red5 Co-project Manager:

“Other than price, here are some of the key advantages of Red5over the other solutions.- Red5 allows you access to anything that Java can do (database access(JDBC, Hibenate, iBatis, etc...), JMS, SOAP, other APIs). This listcould go on and on, so I won't.- Allows other clients (not just Flash player) access to the sameframework. Java applications, Ajax calls, XML Socket, etc...- It's open source, so modifying it your suit needs is not a problem.- It's a one server solution for RTMP and AMF remoting, which tiesinto a convenient API for building robust applications easily.Here's a quick list of what Red5 and FMS can do that an XMLSocketsolution (Unity) can't.- Stream, send and receive binary data (Shared objects, AMF objects),through RTMP and remoting. (no need for serializing and deserializingon the client)-True streaming of video and audio. Includes capturing and recordingmicrophone and webcam data on the server-side.Now, the disadvantages of Red5 versus the others:- It's not done yet. Expect a production worthy version sometime bythe end of the year. (and don't quote me on that) We are all working on this project in our free time, so it's really tough to get accuratetime estimates at the moment.- Lack of official (paid support). While we are quick to respond toquestions on our mailing list, we don't currently have what Adobe canoffer in this area.- Lack of Hosting - one can't simply deploy Red5 on any shared hostingsolution. This probably goes for the others as well, but I know thereare more options for the others at the moment."


Workaround for ActiveX Flash embed issues in IE

I have noticed a lots of queries on different flash mailing list regarding the ActiveX Flash embed issues in IE. While looking for a solution for the same, I have come across to this tech note on adobe site which talks about the solutions of this annoying “click here to activate” thing:



B'day Greetings!

Today Is My B'day and I would like to share the most beautiful B'day card I have received from the far distance. :)


Bonolata Sen and Senjuti

Bonolata Sen (1942)

Hajaar bocchor dhorey aami pawth haatitechhi prithibeer pawthey Singhal samudro thekey nisheether awndhokarey maloy sagorey Awnek ghurechhi aami; Bimbissar Ashoker dhusar jogotey Sekhaney chhilam aami; aaro door awndhokarey Bidharbho nagarey; Aami klanto pran ek, chari dikey jiboner samudro sawfen Aamarey du dawndo shanti diyechhilo Natorer Banalata Sen.

Chool taar kawbejkaar awndhokaar Bideeshar nishaa, Mukh taar Srabostir karukarjo; oti door samudrer por Haal bhengey je nabik hariyechhe dishaa Sabuj ghaaser desh jakhon se chhokhey dekhey daruchini-dwiper bhitor, Temoni dekhechhi taarey awndhokarey; bolechhey se, 'eto din kothay chhilen?"

Pakhir neerrer moto chokh tuley Natorer Banalata Sen …

Here is the English Translation of the same:

Her hair was the darkness of Vidisha’s night from a past of forgotten time, her face was the handicraft of Sravasti. When drifting on some far sea aboard a ship with a broken rudder a sailor suddenly sees a region of green grass on some cardamom island like that I saw her in the dark. And raising eyes that were like a bird's nest, Banalata Sen of Nator said, 'where were you All this while?'

She is the sweet and mysterious girl "Senjuti" . I met her in one of the cyber community and we become good friends. I bet the more and more you will know her you will be moved by her inner beauty . Oh!I have just missed the important info here , she is the artist of that awsome p
ortrait and she has named it "Bonolata Sen".

Bhalo theko Bondhu aamar !!


A Beautiful Workstation!

A Beautiful Workstation at Kanbay. She seats next to me. Just wanted to share this with you guys. I think every month she buys something for her work station ..:)

Showcase of some of my early flash works:2

The object of online Solitaire is to use all the cards in the deck to build up the four suit stacks ascending order, beginning with the aces. A player can play 'Draw one' and 'Draw three' both. The backside of the card features 52 black engineers of the year 2 which are populated from a XML file generated from PHP/mySQL admin panel

A farewell cake!!

My TIS buddies, I miss u all...Thanks a lot for the sweet farewell cake!!

Karuna, Valley,Lyn,Anil, Ali,Prajakta,Jignesh,Sumit.. I love you all.

Showcase of some of my early flash works:1

Dynamic Portfolio of photographer and illustrator Brandy Ritchey. This application
enables the administrator to upload images through an admin panel developed in PHP/mySQL . An intuitive and dynamic flash front-end to display the updated data using XML as a data source.

Bangla Unicode...

জল পড়ে পাতা নড়ে..


Download and install Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview ›

Yes.. folks.. now u can use the power of Action Script 3.0 with Flash 8. The only thing you need is a licenced copy of Flash Professional 8. and you are all set to explore it.. check this out ..


People behind Flex..

Meet the people behind Flex.. happy to see Abdul and Manish's pic among them.. gr88 work guys ..!!



Cairngorm & Flex Unit

here is the link for two open source flex framework


Cairngorm:: A best-practice technical architecture upon which Rich Internet Applications can be built

Flex Unit:::A framework for unit-testing with which test-driven development, unit-testing and continuous integration of Rich Internet Applications can be performed.


Flash to Flex .. Mumbai to Hyderabad

I wanted to be very regular with my blog but due to my ever ending inertia it could not happen.I have switched from flash to flex.I have joined kanbay Inc. Hyderabad as a Flex consultant on 7th july, 2006.My induction is going on.Very soon I will be on project.Lets see how far I can excel in this new technology.


Flex 2 and Remoting.

I am comfortable with the .Net remoting and AMFPHP in both Flash MX and AS2. I was wondering how I will call a remote method from the flex client. This question has lead me to understand how flex client and Flex Enterprise Sever communicates with each other.

I have found the following three types of data Services in FES 2.

  • Flex Data Service
  • Flex Message Service
  • RPC Services

Today I want to focus on RPC Services only.

A Flex client can access back-end data using SOAP-based web services, web services (XML over HTTP), or by directly invoking methods in remote objects deployed in the application server.

In Flex Data Services, these three alternatives are collectively referred to as RPC services. In general, using the RPC approach, In this approach we typically start by invoking a method on a remote service to obtain a set of data.

After going through all these I know you would ask me to stop theory and show you the steps to do remoting in Flex 2.

Well,I know you are right if you said so.There are plenty of documentation around to explain how flex data service works.

Flex uses remoteObject tag to directly invoke methods in Java objects deployed in the application server.

In Flex 2.0, every remote object must be configured as a Remoting Service destination in the
flex-enterprise-services.xml file, or a file that it includes by reference. You reference a
destination in the destination property of the tag.You will find this file in your webapp folder of the FES where you will deploy your Flex Application.

flex-enterprise-services.xml file:


Flex 2.0 syntax

In Flex 2.0, you use the destination attribute to identify which Remoting Service
destination to use. In the configuration file, you define a destination.
MXML tag:

I put some more light on this soon. Stay tuned...


Adobe Flex 2.0

Life at TIS is cool.This is the first time I have found so many fellow flash coders around me. Nothing much too say about myself.Another new city,new work place and new set of people. Just trying to cope up with everything.Missing Delhi very much,my old work station at icreon.

The only exciting thing is that I am learning Adobe Flex 2.0. Its really cool.This is the first time I am feeling like a real hardcore programmer. No timeline, no movieclip as such. At this point I can just visualize where Flash is going from the skip intro era to a real application development IDE.Flex is still in beta.Moreover, there are very few people in Indian software industry who knows how to code in Flex's earlier version 1.5 .Flex is really going to be a hit in India soon.



I have moved from Delhi to Mumbai on 30th Jan'06 and joined Tata Interactive Systems. I will post in details about this new journey very soon.


Hello World!

One evening as the sun was rising Tagore suddenly felt an awakening in him that made him feel that the world, nature, and mankind had become flooded by a universal wave of joy. His celebrated poem, 'Nirjharer Svapnabhanga' [The Fountain's Awakening] is a record of that mystical moment: The poem-in an English version- begins thus:

O, how did the sun's ray
Into my heart find its way?
This dawn, how could birdsong pierce my heart's dark den?
After all this time, why does the heart suddenly stir again?

At this very moment of starting my first blog I could not resist myself from quoting my favourite poet Rabindranath Tagore here.

About me?? I am an unknown Actionscripter. I earn my bread and butter out of it.

It's not only my profession but also my passion. I shall try to keep you updated about my journey as an unknown programmer.