Unit testing for Flex and ActionScript 3

I wanted to attend Adobe Evangelist prayank swaroop's presentaion on FlexUnit today but could not make it because of some urgent meeting at work.After returning to home,I have got the link of the recording from Flex India group. That presentation was good.I think in India we are not using unit testing tool extensively for Flex app testing.This presentation will definitely help the fellow Indian developers.

Good initiative prayank!!

I have listed down some of the good resources for Flex unit testing here.

1.Unit testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) for Flex and ActionScript 3.0
2.ActionScript 3 error checking: unit testing recommended


Urgent Flex Developer requirement at Kanbay !!

Urgent Flex Developer requirement at Kanbay (Capgemini)

There are some urgent open positions for Flex Developers at Kanbay (Capgemini) with onsite opportunity!

If you are interested please send me your resume to dzacharjee[at]kanbay.com or deb.flash[at].gmail.com.


Mogulus:Live 24/7 online Television Channel!

Another kid on the block!This time it’s Mogulus! In this era of citizen journalism and user generated content,Mogulus has come up with a unique concept.

No progressive download like YouTube anymore! Its Live and real time video stream! The beta website looks promising .I have enrolled myself for the beta testing and eagerly waiting for the invitation.


Nanocast to Mixercast!!

Check out the new mixercast.I tried to login with my old nanocast ID to mixercast and it worked! Mixercast is more user friendly than nanocast.I liked the fullscreen mode of the cast.It looks nice.At times I was totally lost while creating mixercast!I will blog about the details of my experience with mixercast soon.I have just put togather some of the movie related to my home state Assam here! Enjoy !


ActionScript 3.0 cookbook in India

Every time I search for a latest flash/flex book in Indian computer bookshops; the answer is always the same,'No! We don't have one’. If I am lucky enough then the shopkeeper will show me a copy of Flash MX book or any other book on older version of Flash/Flex .I have Never got any book on the current version as soon as it releases. The same way I tried to get a copy of Actionscript 3.0 cookbook. I have placed an online order months back to Computer Bookshop (I) Pvt. Ltd for the same book along with some other Flex books. The reply was as frustrating as before. Few days back, I have received the book through VPP.

This book is Available in Indian Edition

Price of the book is Rs.475.00 Less 20% Disc. = Rs.380.00

I was really happy to have this book on my shelve.This book will help the developers to approach the common day to day Actionscript problems. The target reader of the book are budding coders as well as the experienced ActionScripter.If you come to know about any latest Flex /Flash related book available in Indian bookshops, please leave a comment here.


Joost error #121 in India

There are not enough numbers of Joost users in india due to this reason you are likey to see this message over and over.


Joost:online distribution channel for television

Joost is a Internet television browser developed by the Skype team. It allows users to instantly flip among thousands of channels of full-screen video. Joost's main server provides only licensed content, which is then shared over peer-to-peer networks.It gains efficiency as more users log on ike BitTorrent.

Apart from watching online TV, you will also be able to chat with the other viewers instanlty.

The service is free, and it's supported by one minute of targeted advertisements per hour.

I have found one south Asian channel 'Saavn' which Serves bollywood content.

As a beta tester,I have some invite left with with me.If your need an invite, please leave a comment here.