ActionScript 3.0 cookbook in India

Every time I search for a latest flash/flex book in Indian computer bookshops; the answer is always the same,'No! We don't have one’. If I am lucky enough then the shopkeeper will show me a copy of Flash MX book or any other book on older version of Flash/Flex .I have Never got any book on the current version as soon as it releases. The same way I tried to get a copy of Actionscript 3.0 cookbook. I have placed an online order months back to Computer Bookshop (I) Pvt. Ltd for the same book along with some other Flex books. The reply was as frustrating as before. Few days back, I have received the book through VPP.

This book is Available in Indian Edition

Price of the book is Rs.475.00 Less 20% Disc. = Rs.380.00

I was really happy to have this book on my shelve.This book will help the developers to approach the common day to day Actionscript problems. The target reader of the book are budding coders as well as the experienced ActionScripter.If you come to know about any latest Flex /Flash related book available in Indian bookshops, please leave a comment here.


Rahul Mainkar said...

Hi Debabrata,
Firstly i must say nice blog.I am with L&T Infotech & recently I have also started workin on flex 2 and I quite liked this technology. Its been a 3 months work ex of flex 2 for me.I was also searching for Actionscript cook book and flex 2 training from the source. Can you tell me from where did you buy this book so that I can also place an order. Thanks in advance

Martin Selva said...

hey Debabrata..

Even i am finding it hard to get one.. in Mumbai..

Debabrata said...

Hi guys!!

I think we have to send more and more request to the publisher.It follows the demand supply theory of economics.

Rahul you can send a mail to Computer Bookshop (I) Pvt. Ltd- cbs@vsnl.com for your book.They will get back to you

Thanks and Regards,