Joost:online distribution channel for television

Joost is a Internet television browser developed by the Skype team. It allows users to instantly flip among thousands of channels of full-screen video. Joost's main server provides only licensed content, which is then shared over peer-to-peer networks.It gains efficiency as more users log on ike BitTorrent.

Apart from watching online TV, you will also be able to chat with the other viewers instanlty.

The service is free, and it's supported by one minute of targeted advertisements per hour.

I have found one south Asian channel 'Saavn' which Serves bollywood content.

As a beta tester,I have some invite left with with me.If your need an invite, please leave a comment here.


satishchandra said...

hi deba,

How are you? nice blog man .. i want one invitation for joost.

Waiting one inviatation for joot.

mail id is satishchandrasrs@gmail.com

Rajeev said...


Coud you send me an invite to joost please? My email is rajeevv@gmail.com


Debabrata said...

Guys, have sent the invite to you! enjoy!

Rashmi Nagaraj said...

Hi Debabrata,
Please send me an invitation for Joost too.. :-) thanks


Debabrata said...

@Rashmni: Done!!