Nanocast to Mixercast!!

Check out the new mixercast.I tried to login with my old nanocast ID to mixercast and it worked! Mixercast is more user friendly than nanocast.I liked the fullscreen mode of the cast.It looks nice.At times I was totally lost while creating mixercast!I will blog about the details of my experience with mixercast soon.I have just put togather some of the movie related to my home state Assam here! Enjoy !


Abdul said...


Thanks for using Mixercast. I would love to hear your feedback. Specially, entire experience, what can be improved, what sucks?

And if you have something to say nice, that would be great... Team feels better if there are some comments among list of bugs ;)

Thanks again...

Keep Mixercasting...


Debabrata said...

Its always nice to see the kind of quality work you guys are doing seating in India.I will write about my experience soon!