New look and feel of Flex.org

Just noticed Adobe has restructured flex.org. Things are looking much simple and user friendly now. The new look and feel consists of the following links.

• Blog
• Community
• Documentation
• Download
• Jobs
• Showcase
• Support

All the information you require to plunge into flex development is handy now. With this new look and feel adobe has also tried to cater information to the bigger developer community by adding the following links:

Flex for ColdFusion developers
Flex for Java developers.
Flex for .NET developers.
Flex for PHP developers.
Flex for Ruby developers.

After enjoying Macromedia’s developer’s friendly policy, like other fellow Actionscript developers, I was also skeptical about Adobe’s policy towards community building activities. But it seems adobe has learnt from the former Macromedia. Things are looking positive.

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