Cairngorm 2.2 Released

Adobe has finally released Cairngorm Microarchitecture 2.2.If you don't have it yet. grab your copy from here

It has been more than a year,I am developing my Apps on top of Cairngorm Microarchitecture.As most of my projects are enterprise level projects,CG always saves much of my development time.

There are some signigicant changes in this release.

Changes between Cairngorm 2.1 and Cairngorm 2.2:
1.Removed dependency on Flex Data Services (fds.swc)
2.Flex SDK SWCs are no longer linked into Cairngorm.swc
3.Added support for setting remote credentials
4.Fixed bug with Web services not loading the WSDL
5.ModelLocator interface deprecated in favor of IModelLocator
6.Added deprecation metadata for compiler support
7.Added dispatch() helper method to CairngormEvent
8.Commands now added to Controller with weak references
9.Added removeCommand to FrontController
10.Made commands protected in FrontController

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