Hello World!

One evening as the sun was rising Tagore suddenly felt an awakening in him that made him feel that the world, nature, and mankind had become flooded by a universal wave of joy. His celebrated poem, 'Nirjharer Svapnabhanga' [The Fountain's Awakening] is a record of that mystical moment: The poem-in an English version- begins thus:

O, how did the sun's ray
Into my heart find its way?
This dawn, how could birdsong pierce my heart's dark den?
After all this time, why does the heart suddenly stir again?

At this very moment of starting my first blog I could not resist myself from quoting my favourite poet Rabindranath Tagore here.

About me?? I am an unknown Actionscripter. I earn my bread and butter out of it.

It's not only my profession but also my passion. I shall try to keep you updated about my journey as an unknown programmer.

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