Open source media streaming for Flash client using rtmp protocol:Red5

You are a Flash/Flex Developer and your client has come up with a requirement of Audio/video/data streaming and you replied that yes, I know how to do that. Probably you have suggested Flash Media Server as a solution for the same. But your client declined it because of the high licensing price of it. How frustrating!

Don’t worry. Some great guys are doing a really cool thing to help you.

Yes, I am talking about the red5 project of osflash. Let me quote from Chris Allen's -Red5 Co-project Manager:

“Other than price, here are some of the key advantages of Red5over the other solutions.- Red5 allows you access to anything that Java can do (database access(JDBC, Hibenate, iBatis, etc...), JMS, SOAP, other APIs). This listcould go on and on, so I won't.- Allows other clients (not just Flash player) access to the sameframework. Java applications, Ajax calls, XML Socket, etc...- It's open source, so modifying it your suit needs is not a problem.- It's a one server solution for RTMP and AMF remoting, which tiesinto a convenient API for building robust applications easily.Here's a quick list of what Red5 and FMS can do that an XMLSocketsolution (Unity) can't.- Stream, send and receive binary data (Shared objects, AMF objects),through RTMP and remoting. (no need for serializing and deserializingon the client)-True streaming of video and audio. Includes capturing and recordingmicrophone and webcam data on the server-side.Now, the disadvantages of Red5 versus the others:- It's not done yet. Expect a production worthy version sometime bythe end of the year. (and don't quote me on that) We are all working on this project in our free time, so it's really tough to get accuratetime estimates at the moment.- Lack of official (paid support). While we are quick to respond toquestions on our mailing list, we don't currently have what Adobe canoffer in this area.- Lack of Hosting - one can't simply deploy Red5 on any shared hostingsolution. This probably goes for the others as well, but I know thereare more options for the others at the moment."

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