Dr. Ron Paul and Youtube

Thanks to flash player, internet and Web 2.0 common people of the cyber fraternity has got tremendous power in their hand. Yes, yet another praise for the successful web 2.0 venture of Youtube. This is the first time I have embedded any Youtube video in my blog. This video is about Congressman Ron Paul. I was watching this video for a while and I really got moved by his thoughts.

This video has revealed the secret of his popularity. I liked his thoughts and stand on war. He is the only person among the Republican candidates for the presidency, who has always opposed the Iraq war. I remember when I was in college; I used to perform anti-war street dramas. Myself and some of my friends used to visit remote villages and perform those street dramas to make poeple aware about the darker side of war. Like Paul I hate war too.I think this is the prime reason to put this nice video on my blog!

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