Flex Developer's Journal:SYS-CON Media

Flex Developer's Journal, (flex.sys-con.com), has launched by SYS-CON Media.It is the first independent magazine serving Adobe Flex developers worldwide

Yakov Fain, the author of the best-selling book Adobe Flex & Java, is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Flex Developer's Journal.

The premier issue of the FDJ contains the following articles:

Real-World Adobe Flex Tips, Tricks and Techniques
By Christophe Coenraets

SYS-CON.TV Live From Times Square: Eclipse.Org Adds SOA, AJAX, and Flex Tools
By Eclipse News Desk

Turning Your Adobe Flex/Java Application Into a RAD Project
By Yakov Fain

Job Interviews: Adobe Flex and Flash Career Guidance
By Jesse Randall Warden

Multi-Tier Application Development with Adobe Flex
By Victor Rasputnis; Yakov Fain; Anatole Tartakovsky

Video Rock 'n Roll With Flex 2
By Michael Givens

Binary Data, ColdFusion & Flex
By Andrew Trice

AJAX Version of ClearBI Web Reporter for Adobe Flex Will Be Unveiled at AJAXWorld
By Flex News Desk

Flex and ColdFusion Hybrid Application with ServiceFactory
By Michael Givens

FDJ Editor-in-Chief Yakov Fain: "The World Is Changing – RIAs Have Reached Wall Street"
By Flex News Desk

AJAX Developers Brought Web 2.0 to the Browser
By Flex News Desk

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