Web 2.0 Entrepreneurship: business ethics and yaari.com

All this started few months back when I had started getting mails from my friends and contacts to join yaari.com, an India focus social networking site but I have never acted upon that. My inbox was getting flooded with mails from my contacts to join that site. Out of my surprise, I noticed that I was getting same mail again and again from the same contact. All these days it was limited to my contacts only. So it forced me to think that it came from my trusted contacts only. But when I received the same mails from two of the technical groups I belong, I could not resist myself from expressing my frustration out there and I came to know about a cheap tactics of generating traffics by the people behind yaari.com. One of the members of the group mentioned about the privacy policy of yaari.com. It says in its policy that the user will allow yaari.com to use his/her address book. It also forces the user to enter his/her gmail/yahoo id and password. It’s very frustrating to know the terms and condition of yaari.com mentioned in their privacy policy. Very few people read the terms and conditions while signing to any site and the after affect of it could be worst then just spamming the inbox. Websites like yaari.com and mushrooming web 2.0 sites are so desperate to increase the member base that they often forget the moral and ethical aspect of business. Some time they don’t even have a privacy policy in place. Personally I don’t provide my email address and password to any site which I don’t believe but instead of that I do get spam mails everyday.

I will just quote two frustrated members of that site from flex India group

Oh... Sorry Debabrata and FLEX_INDIA team, I am sorry I don’t know how to stop this spam. Can any please help me? Or else we need to complain yaari.com about this

I am really sorry for this kind of mail. But trust me, "yaari.com" is among bad sites which I was not aware of. I had just registered/subscribed my account into it, just to know what this site is all about. But it has somehow taken all the e-addresses from my address book, and sends such a mail request/spam mail to all my email address. I would have never forwarded such mails to professional forums/professional people. I am unsubscribing myself from yaari.com. It’s just that I am one among who got caught by them. And I replied for letting all the members know about these bad/banned site "yaari.com". And please be aware of such sites (which prove themselves to be like orkut.com) and not to subscribe to it!! I am sure there must be many like me who might have got stuck by this yaari.com. O please unsubscribe from it, before something unusual happens. It has just has stolen all the e-mail address from my contact list and forwarded such kind of mail to everyone.

After reading all these posts in the list I started digging on the site and the people behind the site. I came to know that the people behind this initiative are not any ordinary people but having a strong academic background. Some of them are Stanford alumni.I think we can expect some sort of business ethics from them.

What people say about this site?
I have seen number of posts around the blogsphere expressing the outrage and frustration against this site.


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