Real-time charting solution: Lightstreamer an alternative to Flex Messaging Service

I have been working for real-time/streaming data/charting solution in flex for last couple of months. We are using Flex Messaging Service which comes along with the Flex Data Service (Adobe LiveCycle Data Services). Few days back I checked Lightstreamer as an alternative to Flex Messaging Service. They have just released SDK for flex 2.0. I have configured and run the demo app in my system. It’s really easy to configure. I wish to code a nice app using Lightstreamer soon.

Lightstreamer Flex SDK

The new Flex SDK features a native ActionScript 3 library that handles the communication with Lightstreamer Server and offers a high-level API, used by Flex developers to exploit the publish/subscribe paradigm implemented by Lightstreamer. The Flex SDK, that is shipped as part of Lightstreamer Presto and Vivace editions, will be demonstrated at AjaxWorld 2007 West (September 23-26, 2007, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA).

About Lightstreamer

Lightstreamer is a push/streaming engine based on the AJAX and Comet paradigms that can deliver real-time text data to Web browsers (pure HTML applications, with no downloads) and to any client applications. The Lightstreamer Server can handle thousands of concurrent clients and implements advanced algorithms, as bandwidths management, congestion control, dynamic filtering. Lightstreamer (legal entity Weswit Srl) is part of Par-Tec Spa. Development began in 2000, originally by the financial system Integration activity within the group, then in 2004 Lightstreamer became an independent ISV to provide ‘push technology’ to a wider global market.


Mrinal Wadhwa said...

I'm remember when you first showed Lightstreamer to me ... they did not have a Flex SDK then ... now with the Flex SDK I'm even more curious ... so does the free version let me push data to the client?

Debabrata said...

Its really nice!Yes it does!

vengu said...

Hi ,

Cant this be achieved with a socket and a java service spitting out data on a port?? I think thats the cheapest solution :-)