I also want to see half a million Indian Flex Developers in next three years!

Dear Yakov Fain,

This is regarding your post "I also want to see a million Flex developers in three years". I liked your attitude towards the technology, especially when you say ' I’m not going to fall in love with any programming language, sorry, Flex. But I promise, we’ll have steady relations for a while’. You are sounding like a real businessman here :)! I agree that everything depends on the current market trend. Flex is hot and you want to explore or exploring the opportunity around. Good luck Yakov Fain! But I don't agree on the part that India is still asleep. Have a look to this post

Flex India is going great guns

This post will prove you wrong! As an early adopter of flex and being a part of the ever increasing flex developer community of India,I can assure you about a good competition soon from these new kids on the block.

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