Orkut: Popular Social Networking site is in trouble in India once again

The popular networking site orkut is again on the eye of media.This time Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena (BVS), the Shiv Sena's student wing ordered cyber cafes in Mumbai to block the site alleging it contained 'matter defamatory to Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sena chief Bal Thackeray' according to MUMBAI MIRROR ,a Mumbai based popular newspaper.

Orkut is the mySpace of young indian citizens.Young generation of india is getting addicted to Orkut.I remember Abdul,the flash guru of India, deleted his orkut profile twice.You can read his share of reason here.I had to delete my first profile for more or less same reason but I could not resist my temptation to keep in touch with my long lost buddies and created my profile once again. The time of my parents and mine are totally different.My father and grandfather had not much of mobility. They have spent most of their time in the same country/state/city. We have much more mobility than them. My friends are scattered all over the globe .Our life style has changed dramatically.We live in isolated flats unlike them. So the social networking is the manifestation of our inner desire to keep in touch and socializing.It solves a very basic requirment of todays generation.

Technology has got both its pros and cons.Social networking has got its both sides too. But I don’t think banning of such site shall solve the problem.Whenever technology brings something new to us,it will keep creating its impact in our society. We, the building block of this society are responsible for how to use the technology.


sidwho? said...

Soon the moral police in India will demand that the population must have their larynx removed surgically lest they speak something "defamatory"about watever archaic ideals they stand for!!! We are successfully managing to do wat even Hitler had not been completely successful in doing--- drowning out totally and finally the vox populi

Debabrata said...


:)) .. Nice reaction!! Whats your blog url??