Googlegear:Journey of a new Era

Last few days my techie friends are talking about googlegear.Today I have installed and tried to play with the nuts and bolts of it. This smart kid of google allows user to view and work on web app offline and is in its early beta only!!

I have just followed the following simple steps to create my first googlegear app.

1. Installed googlegear
2. Followed these few step by step guidance

And I was able to create my first googlegear web app, which is smart enough to work offline.

Googlegear architecture

Like all other breakthrough products of google, this product has also got tremendous amount of potentiality.

Currently googlegear is working with other technology partner adobe to align the Apollo SQL API with the Google Gear SQL API..

Flex-Java geek Christophe Coenraets has created a nice Flex-based SQLAdmin for Google Gears.

You can see the application here.

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