Hyderabad to Pune

Another excuse for not blogging for a long time! Yes,it was another transfer in my career and the journey continues. I have got transferred to our Pune location. I hope this time I am going to enjoy the city and work both. An exciting flex project is waiting for me. This time I am going to use flex charting like never before.

Comparing to Hyderabad, Pune is much vibrant city but I have found infrastructure of Hyderabad is much better than Pune.

I am missing my everyday journey from my apartment (Kondapur) to Gachibowli,Kanbay Kampus and old work place and co-workers too!

After coming to Pune I met Abdul in person. I used to know him virtually.But this time met him in person.He is intelligent and hearty.I liked his idea of Indian flash/flex community.If you want to know more about his initiative you can read it here

I am looking forward to Meet another great guy Brajeshwar ,he is also in Pune working for Nanocast!


Prakash Bajracharya said...

Hey dude so you finally moved to Pune. cool! and whats even cooler is you got to meet Abdul and will be meeting Brajeshwar. I've always wanted to meet Abdul personally, he's a great guy and a source of inspiration :-)

You have a great time flashing in pune man...

By the way, i just started bloggin on flash n stuffs before sometime. I've always wanted to blog actively but for some damn reason never did!

Tom said...

Hello Debabrata, sorry to contact you through this comment, but I found no email for you. I am contacting you to guage your interest in a small flash project. i see you list liveplasma in your link. they have done a project for cnet. (see link)I am seeking a flash developer to do something similar except to create more of a genealogical representation ie.. family tree, showing how companies form, split to form others etc..
the project will not be as complicated as the example (no movement)but it is a good start. would you be interested? Chiefp@genotrope.com regards, cp


Tom said...

Sorry, link was truncated. see the big Picture on CNET site.

i had to break line into 3 parts.


Debabrata said...

Thanks Tom for your offer!

Rohan D'souza said...

Unknown is inappropriate for your blog :)

Mousumi said...

I m not somebody who is from IT, but after going through your blog I just wanted to say that u are a great writer. You have pen down not only your learnings but also the facets of life.
Keep this momentum going.


Debabrata said...

Thanks Mousumi for your nice comments!