New MXNA Reader: Cairngorm 2.2

MXNA Reader by Debabrata

I have developed a MXNA Reader few days back. I know there are couple of readers available online which are good in their own way. My aim was just to put together some of the best practices for flex development that can help others to learn.

Some of the features:

1. Flex 2.0.1
2. Cairngorm 2.2
3. Aqua Skin by Nahuel Foronda
4. Custom Preloader
5. This reader provides internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N) support based on gettext.
6. Unit Testing and many more

It’s not ready to upload yet. It still requires little bit of re-factoring. Here are some of the screen shots for the time being :)

MXNA Reader by Debabrata

MXNA Reader by Debabrata

MXNA Reader by Debabrata

MXNA Reader by Debabrata

MXNA Reader by Debabrata


Abdul said...

Very cool, would love to play with it.


Anonymous said...

Stunning! when will we play it? would you like to opensource it?

Anupam said...

Looks gr8:)
Cant wait to play with it.

Debabrata said...

Thanks guy for the comments.Yes,I will opensource this.I am a bit busy at work place.Once I am free I will work on this.Please leave a comment here if you have any suggestion on this.

Anand said...

Absolutely fabulous buddy,

It would be great if you provide blogwise searches and filter in the reader too.

And if it is already there then thanks again for keeping making my wish real.