Flex Trainer

Contact me if you have any flex training requirement. Having realized the scarcity of good flex trainers in India, I have decided to be available as a trainer for a short period of time . Just to give a brief introduction of me; I have got more than seven years of experience in Flash platform. I have been developing Rich Internet Application (RIA) for large enterprises for quite sometime. Being one of the early adopters of Flex, I have extensive knowledge of training, mentoring and helping Java/.Net developers to pick up Flex. Apart from flex framework, I am also comfortable in Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES, Cairngorm Microarchitecture, unit testing framework . I have also had the privilege to conduct numbers of in house flex training sessions for the organizations I have worked.

Note: I will be available for a limited period of time.


Krishnendra said...

Hi Deb
I want that training but i dont have the paying capacity to justify that ;)
Best of Luck for your future endevours

lucky said...

Hi Debabrata,

We are looking for adobe flex trainer with experiencein development and training.

contact : 9652556186.
email: vizagjobs123@gmail.com