Goodbye to Sydney

It’s been more than a year I have not updated my blog. This is due to my move to Australia. I have been so busy with work and life that hardly could squeeze time to blog.

It was a great experience to live and work in the land of Sun, Sea and Sand. I remember attending Colin Moock’s workshop on Actionscript last year in Sydney where he was comparing 'Sydney' as a city which is rendered on Maya. I do agree with Colin. It’s a beautiful place to work and live life at the fullest. I used to stay just a walk able distance from the beautiful Manly beach and harbor which gave me the chance to go for fishing. I will miss all these activities Manly has to offer. I will be missing webdu this year. My ticket was already booked for this event.

Well, there is always an end of everything and we learn and grow in this process. I have been working on some exciting projects in automobile industry here. It was indeed a wonderful experience. During these days, I was instrumental in setting up the test driven development environment (TDD) and also have worked with some talented flex developers.

It’s time to go back to my country and say goodbye to OZ. So, what I am taking along with me? I am taking along with me all the beautiful memories and my experience. Now, what next on the journey? I am looking for my next challenging project on flex. If you have a challenging project/ job, do let me know.I am open to contract/full time flex development work.

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